A Detailed Analysis of BitcoinReal (BTCr)

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In the past years we have seen issues with Bitcoin arise, such as a strong network congestion with heavy spikes the mempool due to small 1 MB blocks and tedious 10 minute block time; this was ultimately due to the inability of the core dev team to enable much-needed features, such as a lower block time, bigger block size, smart contracts, ASIC resistance, lower energy consumption and alternatives to consensus enforcement such as Proof of Stake.

This is where we saw many Bitcoin Forks appear, such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Green, Bitcoin Diamond, and so on. All of these coins focused on a problem and tried to solve it, some better than others, but none tried to solve all of these. By listening to the community’s demands and looking at all the most successful features from forks, a fork to rule them all, with all the features needed to disrupt the market, was born: BitcoinReal (BTCr).

Bitcoin Real has support for:

  • Masternodes, which ensure privacy features like InstantSend and PrivateSend.
  • Fully ASIC resistant Proof of Work, where centralised powerful machines are cut out of the mining ecosystem.
  • Eco-friendly Proof of Stake with the Slasher algorithm, which helps reducing energy consumption for securing the network.
  • Groundbreaking Proof of Reputation which permits us to reward miners which don’t stop hashing our chain, preventing hashrate fluctuations and aggressive profit switching.
  • Merchant favouring with Proof of Loyalty, once they start accepting BTCr they will be rewarded for it, and the more they do it, the more the rewards will be better.
  • User favouring with Proof of Influence, where a user can share a cryptographic hash with other users and receive bonuses based off those other users.

To help this extensive ecosystem keep up with the incredible features it offers, the need of an extremely high number of transactions per second (tps). These are offered by superior quality nodes packed by high end hardware which can offer the users 128 MB blocks (Bitcoin only has 1 MB, 128 times less) and a stunningly low block time of 6 seconds (Bitcoin has a block time of 10 minutes, or 600 seconds, which is 100 times less efficient).

Bitcoin has a theoretical throughput of 7 tps, BTCr can offer a theoretical throughput of 89’600 tps.

To top this off BTCr solved the issue of 51% attacks by a malicious actor by adding another layer on top of the standard daemon running in its nodes, to take full advantage of the high-end nodes. This is the decentralized distributed Artificial Intelligence, or ddAI, a neural interface which uses the advantages of big data analysis will enforce all the transactions after miners have and will be trained to do even more. The communication between different instances will be fully decentralized and ddAI will act as a distributed intelligence which can learn from different malicious scenarios and act upon those consistently better every time.

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