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Confirmed: Baidu and TRON to Cooperate on Cloud Computing Resources

Decentralized Internet project TRON (TRX) and China‘s largest Internet search provider Baidu will cooperate on cloud computing resources, according to an official tweet from the TRON Foundation posted yesterday, October 17. The tweet confirms a series of unofficial reports that have been circulating since Oct. 13. The first indication that the nature of the Baidu-TRON […]

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Canadian Firm to Build Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Platform for Cannabis Industry

Canada-based blockchain and crypto company DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DMG) has announced the development of a global supply chain management platform for the legal cannabis industry, according to an announcement published Oct. 17. As reported by Canada’s national public news and information service CBC, the country’s government officially legalized recreational marijuana as of today. Cannabis […]

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Russian Startup to Create Blockchain-Based Copyright Network in Uzbek Capital

A Russian intellectual property startup has signed a memorandum with officials from Uzbek capital Tashkent to integrate blockchain for use in copyright, Russian state news agency TASS reports Tuesday, Oct. 16. The president of the Russian National Intellectual Property Transactions Coordination Center (IPChain), Andrey Krichevsky, met the head of Tashkent’s department of innovations Jasur Zakhidov […]

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Rwandan Government to Use Blockchain Tech to Track Conflict Metal Tantalum

Rwanda has partnered with a U.K.-based blockchain startup to trace the mining of the conflict metal tantalum in the country, according to the startup’s press release, published Oct. 16. Rwanda is the world’s leading producer of tantalum, the mineral used in consumer electronics such as smartphones and computers. By using blockchain technology in partnership with startup […]

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UK-Based Industry Group Develops Blockchain Tool to Track Firms’ Sustainable Commitments

A U.K.-based industry body for the responsible finance sector revealed plans to introduce a blockchain tool to monitor firms’ sustainable commitments, Reuters reports Wednesday, Oct. 17. The Responsible Finance & Investment (RFI) Foundation is developing a blockchain-powered tool to track companies’ sustainable commitments and to detect those entities who do not comply with their ethical […]

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Blockchain Startup Offering ‘Dynamic Fees’ To Help Users Save Money On Transactions

A blockchain-driven startup believes that blockchain technology has the potential to be more than a “one trick pony designed for investors” – setting the objective of creating cutting-edge technology for fast transactions, and delivering “practical services for real people.” According to ARK, its entire ecosystem has been built around encouraging the mass adoption of cryptocurrency […]

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