MoxyOne – “Tokens with Real World Value”

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Introducing the First Financial System for ICOs

Australia – 16 April 2018: MoxyOne will give ICOs organisations that issue digital currencies, a reliable financial infrastructure for online trading. By designing the first payment system ever for cryptocurrencies, users all over the world will be able to make purchases with their tokens in a safe and equable manner. Prepare to embrace the future in an accessible and productive ecosystem.

“Unfortunately, tokens are under utilised and ICO companies are struggling due to the lack of a reliable financial infrastructure”. — Tanshul Kumar, co-founder

At present, any person who wishes to make purchases with cryptocurrencies must make sure the entity being paid accepts their tokens. Thus, MoxyOne was envisioned. It solves this issue providing a wallet system for users to spend their cryptocurrencies by instantly converting tokens to fiat.

The scheme will be transparent, live and will allow companies to utilise their cryptocurrencies, such as Ether and others, to white label the wallet system and even create personalised debit cards for token holders.

Fortunately, this organization also supports partner’s tokens. ICOs that want to offer a debit card for their token holders can apply to be a partner and benefit from the MoxyOne infrastructure – earning branded debit cards. Therefore, users will be able to spend ICO companies’ tokens within their ecosystems as well as out in the “real-world”.

The fuel of MoxyOne is SPEND tokens as they will be used for individual and corresponding transaction fees. Practically, SPEND token holders will be able to withdraw fiat from ATMs around the world, and perform various transactions like electronic purchases using the MoxyOne wallet.

Expect to have the latest optimised features of the industry, more precisely MoxyAI. MoxyAI’s primary focus is to help you get the ideal value out of the tokens that are in your account’s wallet. By optimizing your spending at the time of the payment, the AI chooses from your wallet, the ones that perform best, for conversion at the highest value possible.

What is more, leading professionals like: Sociall, Gladius, eBitcoin and Cobinhood have partnered with the team creating a trustworthy, cutting-edge fusion of the top expertise in the industry.

MoxyOne is shaping the future, impacting the crypto context right where needed. By joining the platform now, many benefits await. For more information, please refer to the White Papers and visit the website.


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